"inconsistent signatures" warning when installing apps such as telegram

On my huawei phone, there is a warning of “inconsistent signatures” when installing some apps like telegram from f-droid. Specifically, when installing telegram using official .apk from https://telegram.org, there is no such warning.

  • background: my phone was reset with system reset, and telegram was installed before reset.
  • system: Android 9

I was told that this is related with the fact that f-droid signs the app with different signatures when building from source, which are different from the signatures used in google play store.
Is this exactly the reason there are the warnings of “inconsistent signatures”? How could I make my phone accept the signatures used by f-droid so that there is no warning anymore?


You have to re-install the app. Android only allows to install an update if the old and the new version use the same signature. So when you install it from Google Play, you can only upgrade through Google Play. When you install from F-Droid, you can only upgrade from F-Droid.

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Thank you for reply :smiley:

My condition is that my phone has been reset though system reset, and software like telegram hasn’t been installed again after reset. And in my memory, telegram was installed from Google Play before reset.

As a result, I can’t re-install the app.

I just don’t know why it would give “inconsistent signatures” warning when installing telegram. It seems that the certificates used in Google Play were kept after the reset. Is there any way to check and remove those certificates?

Why can’t you UNinstall Telegram?

My case is that I reset my phone with system reset, and on this “clean” phone, the “inconsistent signatures” warning would show up for several apps, like telegram, vlc, when installed from f-droid.

I don’t know what has been kept through the reset. As far as I know, the phone remembers my Huawei ID, and I need to login my account to be able to use the phone.
I guess the certificates for telegram from Google Play was kept, thus there is the warning.

Besides, I am not sure what certificates are the default that the system checks with. Some apps are available in Huawei AppGallery, I don’t know whether the certificates there would be checked with.

Should I repeat the question? I did not ask about any “reset”.

Sorry, I’m still confused about your question. I did the following operations.

  • install telegram from f-droid (there was the warning)
  • uninstall it
  • install it again (there is the same warning)

For your question, I could uninstall telegram and re-install it, but in this “re-install”, probably nothing related with Google Play was touched. And there is still the warning.

Ok, can you get a picture of the error?

I’m still confused how you can uninstall it but then complains like “it is already installed with a different signature”.

Does Telegram disappear from Android Settings Apps after uninstall?

The following is the warning when I try to install telegram from f-droid (and I have installed it from f-droid several times, this doesn’t change). It doesn’t prevent me from installing it.
And I could uninstall it like other apps using f-droid.

Supplementary information is that, my phone runs with Huawei’s system based on Android 9, and I currently don’t have access to Google Play, probably due to

  • network wall or,
  • Google’s policy preventing Google services being installed on Huawei’s system.

Interesting, I can’t find any info on this, you can install it and use it?

Then maybe it’s a ROM “feature” like they’ll fingerprint a list of most used apps and then warn if you someone tries to give you a malware ridden version.

Yes, the signature of the F-Droid version is “inconsistent” with Telegram from Play, as expected. :wink:

I was thinking exactly this. If that’s true I see two options here:

  • Live with it
  • Install a custom ROM and f*ck Huawei (LineageOS doesn’t support many Huawei devices)

P20 Lite, P20 Pro, Honor 5X, Honor View 10, P Smart are officially supported.

It’s slim chance that the user got the boot unlock key back in 2018.

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Thanks for your replies. I could use telegram normally. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have never tried to install a custom ROM or root my phone. Could have a try when I get a new phone in the future.

Well, I found out the actual case of the signature check: Huawei’s system would connect to the internet to perform security check for a .apk, and it probably checks the signature of the apps against those in Google Play.

Installing without network connection would not bring “inconsistent signature” up.

Just a remark.

Do you use the same repo of fdroid ?

Anyone can take the source, build it with his/her signature and share it on a repo imported in fdroid. Often the namespace is not changed.

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Oh, sorry for this late response.

I use a mirror provided by https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/fdroid/.
I am not sure what you refer to as “namespace”, but the repository for my installation of telegram should be “F-Droid”.

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