Inclusion policy: what does "domain name under the developer’s control" mean?

The inclusion policy meantions that the app id should be based of a domain under the developer’s control. The definition of domain name is very broad, so I don’t know what counts.
Does it have to be a whole dns-registered domain ( or would it be enough to use a subdomain (
And what requirements do I have into keeping the domain under control (e.g. I doubt some 8 year old f-droid app still has controll over the domain connected to the application id)?

In case I do need to own a whole domain: are there any cheap favorable tld?

It’s a should, it’s not super strongly enforced, it’s more that following it somwhat helps prevent collisions.

Using something like io.github.nobodyfornothing.yourappname should be completely fine if you don’t mind having github in your app’s app name :slight_smile:

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