In the Keepass don't work to paste the password

I can’t paste password in the password field.
How I can paste my password in password’s field?
I fell the database of Keepass from my PC datas.
Android MIUI11.

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Try Keepass DX

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I use KeepassDX.
This situation is in KeepassDX.

Explain it better, isn’t clear what’s your problem

Can you paste any text in general?


I copy the password from txt-file.
I try to paste it in the password field.
I can’t it.

Is keypass on pc as well or just Android?

You coud try pasting it on pc.

Or you can just type in your password (unless its more then 40+ character long might take some time.)

If you can’t paste from ANY OTHER app, then it’s not Keepass’s fault, right?

Complain to your Android provider.

Is your phone rooted? If so are you using any EdXposed modules like XPrivacyLUA?

Also what keyboard are you using?

Password field of what exactly? A browser or some app? Some don’t quite work, like some Chromium browsers.
I don’t use KeePassDX (using KeePass2Android) on the phones but can it be set as the Autofill service under “Languages & Input” in the ROM’s settings?

EDIT: Just tried it out. It behaves similarly to KP2A. If the app or browser supports Autofill then it works fine.
In the case of Brave browser, there is no Autofill on long press on a field. Switching to the Magikeyboard will allow for pasting credentials.

Really though, you need to provide some app examples because you have not been quite clear on what you are doing or trying to past into.

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