Ignore users - where's the setting?

I had some illustrious personages here in my “muted” list and I thought it wasn’t making any difference. Then I read the fine print about it and it became clear that the setting only mutes notifications which I don’t use at all (I just log in and read the forum when I can).

What I want is not to have any posts be them marked as “new” or “unread”. Now, on some other forums I read, also powered by Discourse, there’s another list, the “ignored” list, whose fine print fills me with hope :slight_smile: But not here! Is it just because of a different (older) Discourse version here, or has it been configured out?


Try https://forum.f-droid.org/u/nobrowser/preferences/users

Have you tried it yourself? :stuck_out_tongue: Or have you read the entirety of my post, and not just the title?


My equivalent to that link seems to WFM. But YMMV. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::man_bowing:t5:

Ok, maybe it does WFY. Nonetheless, thinking about this today, I realized that it reminded me of what often happens these days when I walk into a coffee shop.

I: A double espresso for here, please! (In my strongest and clearest voice that’s still polite IMO)

Cashier: Single or double?

I: Double, please. (sweating)

Cashier: For here or to go?

I: For here, please. (feeling my blood pressure go up)

The sad end result is that I go less, depriving my community of much needed coffee culture and employment opportunities.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



I asked on the Discourse meta forum:

And, by the gracious answer I received there (they could have sent me off because I’m no Discourse dev), it is indeed a site configuration decision, combined with my “cred level” on a particular site. So, in case any admin of this forum is reading, has this setting been modified here – trust level 2 to be able to ignore?


Yes, I have both muted and ignore options. Example, when I go to your account, I can set it under notifocations.

defaults are kept, level 2 yes, will discuss changing it

Oh, I don’t quite want to ask for that. Maybe a slightly different tack: Can I see what my level is? I assume it’s related to the various “badges” but I can’t see a number.


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