IceCatMobile search

Sometimes when I search in the IceCatMobile address bar it gets blocked and looks for nothing. By default it searches DuckDuckGo but if I click Google, the same thing happens. If you click on the address bar again, what you were looking for disappears and the home screen appears.
How can I fix this?

Start by asking in the right place:

F-Droid just distributes the app :wink:

it works fine if open’s a new tab, then start searching or accessing a site from your bookmarks.

Not only do searches sometimes disappear, but it is much slower than other apps like Fennec F-Droid. I have XPrivacyLua and I don’t use Google services, I don’t know if any of this can influence.

Try to disabling GNU Libre JS in the ‘addons’.Unfortunatetly this often causes some issues.

  • & the home page wth a lightweight search engine such as
    Duck Duck go lite that is good on slow connections too.

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