IceCatMobile releases

Hi …i’m new …i have 3 questions to ask,i will open a topic for each one
hw: alcatel 4049d
sw:android marshmallow
prb:installing icecat Mobile
Actions: Looking at F-droid icecatmobile package ,the last release 68.4.2 has two apk files, the first (suggested one) size is 62Mb,the second is only 54Mb size, (8Mb less,of code)
The realease is the same, the added date is the same…
I installed the second because my phone is short on storage,and it function well
The question is …What is the difference between the two packages ?
Thank in advance …

Just a thought - 64 versus 32 bit versions.

Enable Expert settings, look at versions again :wink:

Hi …
Thanks for the answers…
i’m new about android, i downloaded apk with my PC,i copied to android with usb MTP, then i installed, i did not use F-DROID client …
64 bit exec. are bigger,so this explain all .
I issue cat proc/cpuinfo
processor is ARMv7 rev 3 v71
searching internet it seems 32 bits …(bit i’m not 100% sure)
now, I tried the bigger package and it does not install …
I immagine if i will use F-DROID client, automatically it installs the right one

Yes, any reason not to use it? Not enough storage?

Yes, my device is an alcatel u3 4049d …very short on storage …
so i buyed an sd card and format it as internal
Now i’m trying to de-google as much as possible …installing open source apps, and forcing them to sd card

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