IceCatMobile Installation

Hey ya’ll,

Can i still install IceCatMobile for FDroid?

I can’t seem to find it from the FDroid App but it is located on the FDroid website. Was it removed for some reason?

I am well aware other browsers exist – just a big IceCat fan.

Would something called iceraven, from FFUpdater be close enough?

Here’s a forum search. TL;DR

I’d search gitlab for f-droid issues, but can’t.

Icecat for Android hasn’t been updated in years and is extremely insecure, use Fennec F-Droid or my Mull: Browsers - DivestOS Mobile

Iceraven contains proprietary blobs, the opposite of Icecat: `` ends up in the build and pulls in other parts of the Google Play Services client library · Issue #463 · fork-maintainers/iceraven-browser · GitHub


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