IceCatMobile connects to Amazon servers by default.-

Last IceCat version connects with a lot of Amazon hosts.
I do not have sync enable and no addons installed. I even deleted all the search engines.

What is more, I added a hardened user.js trying to avoid those connections with no success.
Those ones are like this:
BTW, if you write about:networking you could see


Shoot. Will test this out. Although, hardened user.js does not work great on Fennec and FF as well. Very odd. It resets automatically even on PC.

Without you visiting sites? If you visit sites and they host on Amazon…that’s another story.

If the website you go to, e.g. is hosted on Amazon AWS, then you’ll see connections to servers like that. What makes you think that IceCatMobile itself it making those connections?

No, it appears even without internet connection. No websites. In the home page.
Only in this last version.

BTW, I tried putting a user.js inside with no changes.

amazon. com

Using tcpdump on a OpenWRT router.
Amazon servers appear as soon as I open IceCat (3-4 hosts more or less)

That’s not happening in previous versions or in Fennec.

1st step. Open Icecat with no marks, homepage, previously deleted all defaults addons (libreJava) and no internet connection:

2nd step. Typing about:networking:

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You can just install Netguard and see this or anything else that’s going on :slight_smile:

Good afternoon:

Comment that they also come out amazon web. Without having entered any web. That is, I always clean the whole browser before closing it. Configuration Clean private data. Then even for more security or I delete the cache and pass sd maid and lte cleanner.

With which the browser is more than clean of everything visited and so on.

Still, going to about:networking you get amazon web and telemetry in a big way.

Before, icecat was for me a model to follow with little or no telemetry and connections without permission. In this last version for mobiles it has a lot of telemetry and connects to the web. In this aspect I don’t understand either the change from the previous version to this so abyssal one.

I agree with comrade Narsil. Create us because it is the truth and if not we would not bother him. Like connections that connect the alone one that this making me look for a host to put. When I didn’t even use it before.

I ask you to check this change of icecat and you will see the difference from the previous version to the new one. I’m sorry for having updated but now I can’t go back to the previous version. Under fdroid apk and not installed. I try to do it from the fdroid app and only the new version comes out. The previous ones don’t come out. When for example if they come out in Silence, Fennec and many others.

A hug and thanks for your time and patience. And above all help.

Did anyone report this to their devs upstream?

Why do you go there?

Eg. I don’t see any strange connections on default startup (the app below is Netguard FYI)

So, where is the Google connection the about:networking shows?

Also, what extensions do you have installed? Eg. uBlock hosts lists are hosted on AWS, and updated on start… of course you’ll see connections to Amazon

That being said, not sure why anyone would use this fork, I’ve uninstalled it right away, felt like trash.

Why? I just wrote “mydomain.tld” (as in my domain that exists) in the URL input… do you know what it did? Can you guess?

Yes, it did what none of the other browsers did, it searched on Google for “mydomain.tld”… W T F???

What? Change search engine? Yeah, look…it now searches on Wikipedia for “mydomain.tld” FFS

What? Block in Netguard? Yes…IceCat stays at a blank page forever NOT loading, waiting for BigBrother to ALLOW me to visit my dumb site.

Oh, so much privacy…I’ve been protected by being denied to enter the site that, I guess, is not on some approved list (I’m guessing HSTS?!). It doesn’t even try to reach it, it does NOT try to use a DNS to resolv the domain, no…straight to Google it went.

/PS: Maybe Firefox for Android aka Fennec is bad, so you want to make it better, but why does this thing exists exactly?

Without internet connection go to Settings/General/Home.

Hide Top Sites and History

Go to home page and delete 3 default bookmarks.

Type again about:networking

(It may be necessary to delete librejava addon) appears.

Panel entry is collapsed, I can’t…there nothing there
Oh wait, after 4 restarts, 4 delete data, i can see them

I hit delete, they don’t disappear
Oh wait, after the Panels appear (see above) now they can be deleted.

There’s no Addon installed at all

Yes, it does…there…for too, for too, but there’s no entry in NetGuard except those two in the picture above.

Sorry, but I trust NetGuard more to do it’s thing.

Fun stuff the main page is customized per locale, in English there’s Pocket, in mine there’s not, in English DuckDuckGo is default, in mine is.

Anyway, my impression above still stands, garbage.

Anyway, there is a default addon, LibreJS/USPS compatibilty.


Good afternoon:

With this icecat I have an add-on that does not install LibreJS/USPS compatibilty.

I uninstalled it several times and installed it again (the icecat and there it is)

I also once had a connection that was

I look for it on the Internet and they say it’s a virus. But my cell phone didn’t have that connection before. And I blocked it on ublock by putting it in my * * block rules. And it’s not used for anything weird or anything. And all fdroid and lineage free software with no gaps and no google stuff.

I’ve got him since no plug-in connects at startup. Look in the about:config and in the configurations of it.

Even icecat before didn’t have telemetry like it does now. Because you can see the icecat page in my partner’s screenshot. And in the previous version it didn’t.

They have made many changes that for my icecat was the best browser. But with this update I don’t know what they have done but it is going to get worse as that complement that if or if they put you.

But of amazon they continue leaving and until I arrive to consider to use a host for adaway for icecat and its connections and to put and I have blocked of amzon. So nothing should come out and if it does

A hug

Just use Firefox.

The likely cause is that that Mozilla’s domains serve content from Amazon servers, which they use for hosting.

In that case, this would be normal behavior.

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