Icecat Mobile vs Fennec

Hi F-Droid team,

Fennec is a very frequently updated app, but we can find it in the F-Droid Archive repository.
On the contrary, IceCat mobile is more or less inactive; but you get in the F-Droid repository.

What do you think of to move IceCat mobile to the Archive repository; and furthermore move Fennec to the F-Droid repository (or to an Experimental repository)?

In the end, enable the Archive repository to get a single app, is very tedious and is bandwith consuming.


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  1. Don’t compare Fennec and IceCat. These are very different beats though
    their source are close enough. The main difference is that Fennec is NOT
    fully Open-Source app. This was much discussed mainly in the old forum.
  2. Ice Cat is built from ESR sources which implies it update quite rarely.
    Yes, too rare, but still…
  3. If you want Firefox Mobile, the normal way is to either get it from Yalp
    (or GooPlay) or with FFupdater. FF isn’t going to return to F-Droid.

That’s wrong, too.

IceCat isn’t the actual ESR, so it’s outdated and the fact that it’s ESR isn’t the reason for rare updates. For security reasons it’s definitely better to choose Fennec F-Droid. The most (and perhaps all; i’m not sure) proprietary parts are removed in Fennec F-Droid.

Ahh! The app in question is Fennec F-Droid! ok.
My opinion was about Mozilla Firefox for Android (internal name Fennec).
Now regarding Fennec F-Droid (let’s say FFD): a few years ago I tried it
and it was good. But IIRC @anon25111075 was going to drop it and that’s why moved to
Archive. So I stopped following it.
You brinng the good info that it’s alive and well. And even after @anon25111075 ,
FFD is built regularly (by @relan). :slight_smile:
UPDATE: @anon25111075 also explained in the

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