I want to upload my android app on this store

hi, i have a website which have gk question in hindi and have made a android app for this website so i want to upload this app on F-Droid store but i have find nothing where to upload my app so please help me how to upload my android app on this store.

Well, your app is open source? Which license?

Where is its source code hosted?

i have apk only.

Then no, we can’t host your app.

what is requirment to upload app on F-Droid app store, please tell me as soon as possible.

I’ve already answered, free or open source licensed code in a public repository so we can build the APK.

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Answer the following questions

is your app closed source or open source?

Which open source license does it use?


On this appstore, the source code has to be open source, but to my knowledge I don’t think they outright ban ads they might put a tracker notice if they find any ads.

What’s the app name and it’s purpose?

The process of app submission is not hard here but we at f-droid follow a very stick rule So that no malware tracker can enter in this store. Fdroid have a very very good reputation on the privacy respecting and one of the most secure app store on the android even graphene and clyx os include this as a primary app.
Now to host your app you can not submit your apk here you have to provide your app source code so it need to be open source now there are license in opensource such as gpl apache and some other. And hosted in some git such as gitlab github or own git
Example organic maps https://github.com/organicmaps/organicmaps
Openboard https://github.com/OpenBoard-org/OpenBoard
Protonvpn standard notes joplin element and so many.
Now you can request for your app and we from this fdroid will build/compile your app name.apk and publish into the app store.
And if it has some trackers it will be notified.

@Licaon_Kter have provided you a official guide above

Your App is neither open source, nor does it comply with any of the requirements for one. It contains ads I am sure just like the official indiabix apps have. Moreover, I am sure your app will be more in lines like a webview render and with blatant ads and irrelevant permissions, analytics and what not.

BTW, OOC, are you looking to make money on this platform? Going by your hasty approach it seems like a goof.

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