I scaned read you app (rss reader) on virustotal

On scaning read you on virus total and found that read you from github has on virus detected while fdroid had no virus. So what you all think about also, is virus total reliable ?
Edit: it was false alarm ig , its seems virustotal is not reliable all the time

If only one engine reports positive result then it’s basically a false positive.

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What did you scan? There are zero detections for their most recent release on GitHub: VirusTotal

F-Droid build: VirusTotal

Git repo itself (useless): VirusTotal

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Hmm strange can you try previous version, pls i am sure i found one virus because that was the reason i switched back to fdroid builts. Edit no need i am confirmed it was 0.9.1

You use github builts?

Hmm strange I have the same builts from github in my sd card but its not showing the virus now, is virustoral reliable ?

actually I think it’s quite reliable, I’ve also tested Fdroid on many applications and found it not available, I have also tried many other websites like Tech Loky and some other reputable apps, all of which show no. , if you want to analyze more deeply, you have to see their code snippets

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