I needed to uninstall old version of F-Droid before installing new version

After I realized that Aurora Store and other important apps had not updated on my phone, because I did not have the latest version of F-Droid installed, and I finished updating my phone, I moved on to a family member’s phone. The second phone was also running F-Droid 16.3.1. I downloaded 1.17.0 and opened the APK file. I tapped to allow F-Droid to be updated. I then searched for Aurora Store, and F-Droid showed the version that was currently on the phone, 4.2.3, and did not offer to update it to 4.2.5. It showed the phone’s apps as all up-to-date. Only after I uninstalled F-Droid and then reinstalled it did it offer the latest version of Aurora Store, 4.2.5. The previous version of Aurora Store no longer worked at all, so I needed the new version to update Carrier Services and many other important apps.

Hope this might help others who are having similar problems.

This is related to my troubleshooting that led me to request email notification of new versions of F-Droid (https://forum.f-droid.org/t/how-to-set-up-email-notification-of-new-f-droid-version/23536), but it seems like a different issue, so I started a new topic.

Maybe you had installed Aurora Store from their releases, not the actual F-Droid compiled one?

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Did you setup auto index update? Did you pull-to-refresh?

No, I always installed Aurora Store from F-Droid. That’s the only way I know to get it.

No, I did not do either, because I don’t know what they are. How can I set up auto index update? How do I pull-to-refresh?

Thanks for telling me about these things—they might help in the future.

“How do I pull-to-refresh?”

Toggle to “Updates” and then just swipe down the screen…


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