I have to give you an explanation

Good afternoon:

Commenting that maybe this topic causes problems, or something. But it seems logical to me to explain some things.

I happened to be helping to translate Fdroid. And many other applications in Weblate.

To enter I was using github. But now they deleted all comments, all pull requests and so on… And I think my contributions in Weblate. Since I look in browser by my github user. And I get error 404 in github. And I look where I participated and my messages and so on are not there.

And it is not because of the two-step authentication of github.

I did not receive any notice in the mail.

I mention this, because I was translating a lot of applications in Weblate, and I was logging into Weblate using my github account.

I don’t know if this also affects them. And they deleted my contributions to the Fdroid translation.

Let’s see if I create an account under my email. And if you let me continue helping in the translation of Fdroid.

But I think I should give an explanation, that I am not the one who deleted anything, or closed the account.

I don’t think I did anything wrong to anyone to be closed. Now maybe I can annoy the developers who had those translations. I APOLOGIZE TO ALL OF THEM, BUT I DIDN’T CLOSE OR DELETE ANYTHING. SO I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY PROBLEMS THIS MAY CAUSE THEM.



A hug and thank you for your time and help.

GitHub may delete accounts but they don’t delete contributions, it is incompatible with how git works.

It does indeed appear that GitHub has deleted your account.
It is actually very strange, they deleted all of your issues and pull requests too which typically get replaced by a ghost user instead of completely erased.


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Good afternoon @SkewedZeppelin

Well I did not delete the account. And I didn’t do anything weird for this.

That’s why I was commenting on what maybe caused you problems. Since Weblate makes pull requests if I’m not mistaken when using github to log into Weblate. And moreover it puts them in the developer’s github if I’m not mistaken.

I don’t know why they deleted everything.

That’s why I preferred to warn you in case it causes problems to the traditions that I had done in Fdroid. And to other developers in which I collaborate in the translation.

If you let me continue helping to translate Fdroid, I create an account with the email in Weblate.

A hug and thanks for everything.

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Good afternoon

Thanks to the Weblate team. I managed to recover my user on your website. Following with all my data the same, but instead of logging in via github. I access through my user.

I don’t know if you want me to continue collaborating in the Fdroid translation?

For my part there is no problem to continue collaborating with Fdroid. On the contrary, it would be and is an honor to do so. But I understand that there is some problem, or something as a result of what they did to me on github. Hence my question.

From here I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Weblate team. And to all of you.

A hug and millions of thanks for your time and help.

What do you mean?

Good afternoon @Licaon_Kter

I want to continue helping in the translation of Fdroid. For me it is an honor and a pleasure to continue helping.

But I ask that question, since I have received not very nice words in my email. Because one person thought that I had closed my github, and that I screwed up because I had my translations in a pull request. And he wanted to release the new version and he could not. And other things he told me…

I explained everything to him, as he thought I would close it and delete everything. Which I didn’t, since they shut me down and deleted everything themselves. But now the Weblate team recovered everything, my account, the translations. And everything is back to the way it was before this incident.

That’s why I asked that question, because maybe someone might have thought wrong. Creating bad things in their head. But all this I didn’t do, because they didn’t even warn me about the closing of my github, or give me an explanation, or anything like that.

That’s why the question I asked. I want to continue collaborating with you, never doubt it.

Thanks for your time and help.


You are always welcome! And I thought weblate translation won’t be removed if your account is removed. People come and go, many translators deleted their accounts but the translations are kept.


Good afternoon @linsui

Thank you very much for your words and support. :ok_hand: :heart:

I have already started to work on it. I continue with the translation.

One question if I may. I have found: F-Droid/Get It On F-Droid Badge — Spanish @ Hosted Weblate: that the string in source is empty. And Weblate marks it as not translated. Do I have to put something in that string?

I would almost put the same as in F-Droid/Get It On F-Droid Badge — Spanish @ Hosted Weblate: Get it on

But maybe it’s too repetitive that it’s up and down.

Just like: F-Droid/repomaker — Spanish @ Hosted Weblate: Logout ( and its similar strings F-Droid/repomaker — Spanish @ Hosted Weblate: Logout )

The translation is fine. Only if you change it to Disconnect. Desconectar (In Spanish) (11 characters). But otherwise I would leave it as it is now.

Best regards and thanks for your help and time.

No, known issue… :frowning: keep it empty

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Good morning @Licaon_Kter

Thank you very much for your time help. And thanks a million for clearing up my doubt.

Thank you very much for your help :ok_hand: :heart:

Best regards

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