I got Termux armv8l instead of aarch64 version

android: 11
android kernel : 4.14.113-22145712
board: exynos9611
manufacter: samsung
ABI: arm64-v8a
kernel architecture: aarch64

termux version:

$ uname -a
Linux localhost 4.14.113-22145712 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Jul 31 05:45:23 KST 2021 armv8l Android

Why im getting an armv8l version of Termux instead of aarch64? I usually dont care about but some packages (i.e. proot, qemu) are highly dependant on what type (aarch64 or armv8l) of Termux were installed.

Since I get Termux by Fdroid store I guess this question should be ask here

The first thing is that the Termux package is universal, in this case F-Droid does not choose the architecture to install.
I think you have a misconception of what is aarch64 and armv8. The armv8 version installation is correct for your device.


I reinstalled the app and the issue get solved

Inside Termux app
$ uname -m

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