I found 1 idea for you 2

can we add them on the f-droid library for fruux

apps no tracking good

Where’s the source code of Android app?


I’ll be @Licaon_Kter:



its come from play store

its come from play store =p

You can use DAVx5 to sync with Fruux.

Where you downloaded the app is irrelevant for the question whether it is open-source or not. Open-source apps can be on Google Play or somewhere else. They can even be paid or free. The thing that counts for F-Droid is whether you can find the source code of the application publicly on the internet.

I can’t use Davx5 and I don’t understand anything at all

Why? Fruux uses sabre/dav internally, which works just fine with DAVx5.

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I find it easier and easier to handle the application of the fruux

Okay, you cannot get their app from F-Droid because it is not open-source.

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ok I’m a beginner I’m trying to find a simpler and easier way for syncronization

Do you find fruux too hard to use? I don’t think it can get much easier than that. (Maybe a bit easier when you use Google Contacts but not sure if you really want to send them all your data).

let it go you don’t understand

let it go

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fruux I find it easy but the other syncronizations too hard

the davx5 application requires 1 account or 1 server because I don’t have one.

it’ll be cool if everyone can help my sync problem.

me no love Gafam

me love F-Droid and open-source and free

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