I can't install the applications from Aurora Store

I can’t install the applications from Aurora Store
Android MIUI 11.
Aurora Stora 3.2.9.
I don’t install the applications direct from Google Play.
I use Aurora Store.
Some applications download but don’t install.
For example Putty.
I got 4 apk files.
I launch apk file.
When I try to install application I get a message “Application didn’t install”.
How I can install application in this case?

I use aurora store and personally never faced this issue so I don’t know what can be but I think that is better to ask in one of the official channel about aurora store. You can find them by going in menu > about. Anyway they are the xda thread (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/app-5-0-aurora-store-an-unofficial-oss-play-store-client-may-16.3739733/) and the telegram support group (https://t.meAuroraSupport)

An apk may be “Universal” meaning that it contains different libaries for different Architectures for example, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86 or x86_64.

In your case, your app is not downloaded as an Universal apk but apk s, which means it downloads first a main apk (usually armeabi-v7a, a 32 bit arm architecture) and then some other architectures or languages in other apk s, resulting in more than one apk.

Using native installer may result in failure becuase it can only install one apk at a time and can’t extract libraries for your phone’s architecture.

Your solution is to press the “install” button on the download page of Aurora Store or use SAI for installing multiple apk s. I personally recommend using SAI becuase it is well built and usually shows an error if the app isn’t installed which is good because you won’t need to check the errors with ADB’s long output to find the line.

The link of SAI https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.aefyr.sai.fdroid/

To use it, you will first need to install SAI and press install apks (apks is a zip file that contains multiple apk s and isn’t signed), you can allow the acces to files or long press the button for the system file picker if you don’t want it to read you files in case you want to keep safe. After that, choose the 4 apk s you downloaded and it will prompt you for installing it. Press install and you’re good to go.

I hope my suggestion will work for you.

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