I can't find Orbot in Apps

I can’t find Orbot in Apps.
How can I do that?
A search didn’ t anything.

Settings - Repos - Enable GuardianProject - wait for refresh - search again :wink:

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This is one example where things are changing fast, and hopefully improving faster, and downloading from the source to avoid F-Droid delays may be a good thing. So, I hate to recommend Microsoft’s proprietary github, but everything has exceptions. Orbot in Guardian Project repo is 16.6.1-RC-3 from May 2022, while Orbot at github is at 16.6.2 RC 4 from late July 2022, or 17.0.0. ALPHA 1 EXPERIMENTAL! Pre-release from a few days ago, if you are daring.

I can’t find Orbot in Apps in that site.

You would need to find the apk for your device under assets for the release, download, and install with file explorer.

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