I cannot install Termux

I have tried to install Termux from F-droid twice and it failed both times.

I am using a Motorola G8 phone with Android 11.

Could someone please help me understand why it isn’t working?

Thanks very much.

I just tried to install termux on my redmi note 7 with lineageos 18.1 (android 11) and everything went smoothly. When you try the installation do you get any error messages?

Not really. The first time F-droid crashed and I couldn’t even re-open F-droid after that. Then I reinstalled F-droid. Then when I tried to install Termux it just says Termux failed to install or something like that.

Should I file a formal bug report or something? This is a pretty big deal for me, I rely heavily on Termux and I can’t even install it now.

Does the underlying phone make a big difference or could it be my version of Android or something?

Thanks very much

What android version do you use? Termux is compatible with android versions >=7. The model of your phone shouldn’t make any difference. Have you tried updating the f-droid repository (swipe down in the f-droid home/main screen)?

Do you have any other “termux” apps installed from Play store?

I can confirm that I can install other apps from F-droid so it’s specifically Termux there’s trouble with.

I tried it a few more times, it failed each time. I don’t have another installation of Termux on my phone. Maybe there’s some software left over from my previous version of Termux anyway. I guess I could reset my phone. It’s Android 11.

If this doesn’t work I would appreciate guidance in exploring the error in more detail - is there some way I can see the code executing to see what the problem is?

Thank you,

Well plain old logcat output of the moment you try to install. Via ADB+USB cable+PC or smth