I cannot install Termux

I have tried to install Termux from F-droid twice and it failed both times.

I am using a Motorola G8 phone with Android 11.

Could someone please help me understand why it isn’t working?

Thanks very much.

I just tried to install termux on my redmi note 7 with lineageos 18.1 (android 11) and everything went smoothly. When you try the installation do you get any error messages?

Not really. The first time F-droid crashed and I couldn’t even re-open F-droid after that. Then I reinstalled F-droid. Then when I tried to install Termux it just says Termux failed to install or something like that.

Should I file a formal bug report or something? This is a pretty big deal for me, I rely heavily on Termux and I can’t even install it now.

Does the underlying phone make a big difference or could it be my version of Android or something?

Thanks very much

What android version do you use? Termux is compatible with android versions >=7. The model of your phone shouldn’t make any difference. Have you tried updating the f-droid repository (swipe down in the f-droid home/main screen)?

Do you have any other “termux” apps installed from Play store?

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I can confirm that I can install other apps from F-droid so it’s specifically Termux there’s trouble with.

I tried it a few more times, it failed each time. I don’t have another installation of Termux on my phone. Maybe there’s some software left over from my previous version of Termux anyway. I guess I could reset my phone. It’s Android 11.

If this doesn’t work I would appreciate guidance in exploring the error in more detail - is there some way I can see the code executing to see what the problem is?

Thank you,

Well plain old logcat output of the moment you try to install. Via ADB+USB cable+PC or smth

i just had that problem myself and thanks to a comment like the one from @Licaon_Kter i realized i still had tasker integration for termux installed in the playstore, which doesn’t show up as it’s own app so you do have to find it in apps or in the playstore to realize it is still installed. removed the tasker integration package and voila termux installed w/o a hitch :slight_smile:

EDIT: i now realize this thread is pretty old … sry o_O


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