I cannot install OsmAnd+

It tries to download version 3.4.6 (instead of last one 3.7.2) but fails no finding fie …348.apk…
It seems to me that some index of versions of apps is not up to date, but I have allowed automatic update…

Help appreciated !

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It sounds like your local package index is out-of-date. The usual troubleshooting steps for this are:

  • Try pulling down the view and see if that makes forces a manual update.
  • Try force closing F-Droid and try the above again.
  • Try clearing F-Droid’s app data, this will make it forget all Settings and configured repositories, so be careful if you’ve done lots of customization things.
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Thank you. I did success to update the index,and I did open a bug report : https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/-/issues/2009

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