I am using izzydroid repo and app from it can be installed on fdroid app

Using few apps which are on both fdroid as well as izzydroid repo. When i syn and update come i update the app and noticed on top of fdroid app it got installed which did not happen before. Any change occur in fdroid i didn’t noticed?

Can you explain a bit better, maybe give an example app, screenshots?

Its for fossify gallery also when i updated Anihyou anilist client from github its updated with error

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Fossify apps are build reproducible, both F-Droid and Izzy and Github host the same exact APk :slight_smile:

ref: Inclusion How-To | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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more details?

Its present on github and fdroid repo i first insatlled it from fdroid repo after few day i saw update in aurora droid ao i went on github and downlodead the apk. And install it manually it its installed without package conflict

yes, as expected for reproducible builds

Thanks for info.

What is your planning for apps that are available in Izzy Repo as well as in F-Droid Official Repo.

Are you continue to release or stop the release after releasing in F-Droid Official.

Quoting from my repo’s details page:

Another reason for an app getting removed from my repo is if it was added to the „official F-Droid repository“. Removal then mainly is to avoid confusion at the users’ end, due to signature mismatch on updates (if they installed an app from the official repo, signed with F-Droid’s key, and an update rolls in earlier via my repo – which is usually the case – there’d be a warning displayed if they’d try to apply that update). In some cases an app still stays with my repo; usually it then uses reproducible builds so there’d be no signature mismatch.

So the default action is: it gets removed from my repo. But exceptions are possible if there’s a good reason why it should stay.


@Izzy one advantage over reproducible builds with izzy repo, if any bugs fixes it solves on a day.

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builds aren’t reproducible until they are actually reproduced :slight_smile:

And if I kept each RB app, I’d be in resource trouble pretty soon. With F-Droid it usually takes 2-5 days, yes. But is that alone a reason for a double listing?

That said, you can always reach out to me via your app’s issue tracker or via mine and request an exception. As those exceptions are quite specific, they are not so well suited here in the forum.


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