Hyper Rogue don't work since last update

On samsung S3, lineageOS.

This version work:
Hyper Rogue
Version 12.0d (12040) - 2021-07-20

The last one don’t:
Version 12.0u (12070) 2022-07-17

When I try to launch it from F-droid, it can’t and say it crash (but in fact it don’t!).
I try to launch it normally, the system say the app is not installed.

It’s already fixed upstream: Android version fixed for API 31 · zenorogue/hyperrogue@436cc15 · GitHub. So whenever they release a new update it should be fine on F-Droid too.

The problem is that the app didn’t tell Android its main activity is allowed to be launched. One workaround is to start it from Android settings → Apps → HyperRogue as the Android OS doesn’t have the same restrictions that launchers or F-Droid has.

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