Hypatia or LibreAv

It’s the first time i use an FOSS antivirus and i have no idea, which one of them is better. There just sadly aren’t any reviews for FOSS antivirus software

Hypatia operates on static signatures and can scan both apps and files.
Hypatia supports many databases and I typically update them weekly.

LibreAV can only scan apps.
LibreAV is based on (permission/androidmanifest) heuristics from an old dataset.

Neither remove malware, only alert the user.
Neither can protect you from any sort of targeted attack.
I personally don’t think neither are necessary, but if you really want you can run them both.

It is best to instead keep your device (Android/Linux) and apps (web browsers) up-to-date.
Avoid apps from unknown sources.
Also an ad/tracker blocker can help minimize untrusted network connections.

If your device hasn’t received any updates from its manufacturer you can see if there are ROMs available for it. First DivestOS, as it prioritizes security, and if not LineageOS as a minimum.

Disclaimer: Hypatia and DivestOS are my projects.

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Meh https://github.com/projectmatris/antimalwareapp/issues/4

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