Huwai MatePad without Crapware (only F-Droid)


I am new to Huwai MatePad. I bought because no need for a Google account.
But there is lots of crapware installed. I wish to remove all that stuff and only use Apps from F-Droid.

I use OpenLauncher, but maybe there is something more beautiful? I use Firefox Beta (FFUpdater from F-Droid) but maybe something better?

Only very few apps I could uninstall, most apps only “Force Stop”. How to remove all Huwai apps the simplest way?


You may try uninstalling(disabling) applications via adb. Usually it’s possible to disable more apps from adb than from system settings.

Application dans Lineage ne fonctionne pas :wink:

What Henry refers to is something like

adb shell "pm uninstall --user 0 <packageName>"

(i.e. you need to know the package name of the app you want to get rid off, then you can make use of the multi-user feature to make it unavailable to your “primary user” even if no other users exist). If the term “ADB” (standing for “Android Debug Bridge”) is new to you, you can find a quick intro and overview e.g. in one of my articles: ADB for end-users.

PS: alternatively to pm uninstall (e.g. in case it doesn’t work for you), there’s also pm disable (which often works even if the “Disable” button on the app is grayed out in settings).

follow my link :slight_smile:

Je ne parlez pas français (← this probably is the only complete sentence I know in French – except for the addition: Parlez-vous anglese? Allemagne? Oh merde… :rofl:)

So you don’t recommend uninstall crapware with adb shell "pm uninstall --user 0 <packageName>"?

That’s what I’ve said when I explain HOW TO REMOVE? :slight_smile:

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