HTML in Triple-T listings

Hello there,
I see that Triple-T play store listing are rendered as HTML in both F-Droid website and the app. According to this page (I couldn’t find an authoritative source), line breaks using <br/> are supported by Google Play. I didn’t put them in my fulldescription file but normal line breaks (as in \n) are honored anyway. Although I perfectly know I should modify my code to include HTML line breaks, I also believe that if you support Google Play listings from Triple-T, you should behave the same way as Google Play does.

I’d like to know what you think about this, considering that the package page seems to be honoring normal line breaks. What’s the rule here?

Thanks for your support!

Yeah, things definitely need to be improved. I guess we could throw in a quick tweak to make the Android client respect newlines. But beyond that, its a much bigger discussion:

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Thanks, I’ll keep that conversation under observation.
In the meantime, do whatever feels best. Just please let me know about your choice so I will update my listings accordingly, if needed.