Howto use runner subscription

I have the error
No more CI minutes available
So i buyed a subscription for runner.

on my arch linux i installed gitlab-runner to register an new runner. How do i use this runner (and my subsription)?

Dunno how that goes.

But if you wanna open a MR open it already from an unprotected branch and we’ll manage to make it run under F-Droid’s CI minutes instead :wink:

But how do i this for a forked project like f-droid? Here are the info

Specific runners do not get shared with forked projects automatically. A fork does copy the CI/CD settings of the cloned repository.

Again dunno what Gitlab does wrong, we had a lot of reports that forked repos don’t get CI runners or ask for credit cards.

Best to open the MR :wink:

Thank you thats it

gitlab-runner lets you be the runner as an alternative to paying for their runners, either set it up and get a refund, or use the minutes you bought.

CI/CD Pipeline minutes are the execution time for your pipelines on our shared runners. Execution on your own runners will not increase your pipeline minutes count and is unlimited.

It’s not always triggering unfortunately, not sure what is the issue is. I was looking for an example from yesterday but I see that the runners were triggered in the meantime.

You can always apply for using our shared runner on azure, as long as you are a contributor: Shared GitLab Runners on Azure · Wiki · F-Droid / wiki · GitLab

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