Howto install FDroid for a second user?

I’m testing multiuser setup for lineagos16. Owner user can install fdroid through download / apk install. But for my second unser (unrestricted) I can not install fdroid via apk.

Message on screen is “App was not installed”. As this is a second user, I see no way to switch on developer options to inspect logs … any idea what’s wrong?

BR, jerger

I think you can close the other post, as you are asking for same thing here as well.

Known (Android) issue, you need to install the same version. Eg. if you installed 1.6 in main profile then updated to 1.7.1, when you try in secondary to install 1.6 it will fail, you need to install 1.7.1

Eg. with a file manager extract the installed fdroid.apk and try to install that one in secondary

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Download from website was 1.6, installed on primary user was 1.7.1.
After deinstallation install with downloaded 1.6 worked. Thanx.

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