How to use mobile pages as apps?

There’s RocketChat - a FOSS Slack alternative. It works great, with one caveat - it depends on the Google Cloud Messaging for notifications. But RocketChat is also mobile-browser-friendly.

If I open it in Firefox and accept the notifications, they work, but the experience is pretty far from optimal - I usually have a lot of tabs open, so it’s a mess. Additionally, after I receive a notification, I get a big, big notification about Firefox playing sounds.

There’s WebApps, but it doesn’t support the HTML5 notifications.

Is there anything I could use instead of the mobile app for an on-par experience?

The term is maybe wrong “mobile pages”, it’s mobile web applications.
Web application embedded in a browser container like Cordova, Ionic.

Cordova, Ionic, Electron (desktop) are html5.

I really mean mobile pages. They have their own Cordova app, which, well, depends on Play Services.

It’s written in coffeescript (language that can be translated in javascript).
Language over javascript like Typescript.
So, yes it works in a browser.
Without browser => not possible :slight_smile:

What was your question?

Rem: if you have a lot of browser tabs, there are addons to manage them.