How to update F-Droid 'index' to get latest Newpipe version?

I have two Calyx OS phones and one of them has received the latest version of Newpipe via F-Droid, however, the other one has not. The new version of Newpipe dropped sometime last week, I believe.

To try and ‘encourage’ the update of Newpipe, I’ve gone so far as de-install both Newpipe and F-Droid altogether and then re-install F-Droid and Newpipe but I still receive the ‘old’ version of Newpipe, which is about a month old and has the empty Youtube channels. I’ve unchecked/rechecked my repositories within the F-Droid settings, but that makes no difference. I’m at a loss - one phone received the update just fine but this other didn’t, so I’m not sure what to try next.

To get updates faster than the official f-droid repo you need to add the newpipe repo as explained here: Add the NewPipe repository to F-Droid

Hell yeah! Thanks!

Use drodify as fdroid client

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