How to troubleshoot a failing build?

Hi, I’m an app developer trying to solve an issue with building a newer version of our app in F-Droid. The F-Droid pipeline fails (fdroid build (#4053212260) · Jobs · F-Droid / Data · GitLab). So what I wanted to try is to run the build process myself (locally or using a fork of fdroiddata and firing up the pipeline) but no matter what I do I keep running into issues trying to get the build process to work. Here’s what I did:

First I tried to follow the Submitting to F-Droid Quick Start Guide. Building the app using the command ‘fdroid build org.irmacard.cardemu’ fails. It seems, since I have a MacBook Pro with a M1 chip, the Docker image / container has some issues with flutter pub upgrade, resulting in a crash:

qemu: uncaught target signal 6 (Aborted) - core dumped
/build/build/srclib/flutter/bin/internal/ line 24:  1762 Aborted                 "$DART" __deprecated_pub upgrade "$VERBOSITY" --no-precompile
Error: Unable to 'pub upgrade' flutter tool. Retrying in five seconds... (1 tries left)
Command 'pub upgrade' still failed after 10 tries, giving up.
==== detail end ====

Secondly I forked fdroiddata and ran the pipeline myself. But now I cannot fint out if it is possible to run the pipeline to ‘only’ build our app. Is that possible? And how do I feed the pipeline a modified version of the metadata file to be able to do some runs while trying different app build configurations?

Can anyone point me in the right direction? How to troubleshoot a failing app build the correct way?


The answer is a bit above, sorry if I didn’t notice at that moment: 2023-04-03 18:42:10,062 INFO: Removing usual suspect '' at .pub-cache/hosted/

Meaning… that build.gradle file was removed… which might (surely!) cause errors later.

The reason it is remove is because is or depends on proprietary Google libraries.

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Let’s continue here: F-Droid can't build · Issue #163 · privacybydesign/irmamobile · GitHub

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