How to translate description of OpenMaps application?


Can someone point me where I can translate description of OpenMaps apps in Weblate?

F-Droid Website page containing the description:


Nope, you need to translate it and include it in this repo: eg. there’s English there, create YOURLOCALE/translatedfiles and the developer will merge them.

Nope, these files do not contain app description used by F-Droid.

I opened a request to the project, see

I can see that description text on F-Droid…I don’t understand.

The crowdin stuff is different, that’s the in-app strings.

@Licaon_Kter it seems that your were rights the files in contains app description … Translations of theses 2 files and merge request done …

Thanks for your help,

PS: I’m not used to contribute so I may have navigate out of the folder you pointed me to (I was lost in other folders :wink: )

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