How to submit a React Native app to F-Droid

Podverse is a fully open source project (AGPLv3) with all of its code available on GitHub. We have been working on iterations of Podverse since 2013, and our latest version is a cross-platform Android/iOS/web podcast app, written full-stack in Node.js, TypeScript, React, and React Native. Prior to working with React Native we were iOS developers, but we switched to React Native in order to deploy an Android version to the podcast world.

As an AGPLv3 project we would love to become a part of the F-Droid community, but after reading through the forums, it looks like there is no official process for building a project from scratch using the existing tools for React Native, since it involves a lot of JavaScript and Node.js compilation. Is there a way for us to submit a build to F-Droid, even if our app is written in React Native? Any help would be much appreciated, and we would be happy to contribute documentation so that future React Native projects have an easier time adding their app to F-Droid.

PS all our dependencies have been scanned to make sure they are included in the license list.

Thank you!



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There’s no metadata on the Forum :slight_smile:

grep react-native here :wink:

Simple trick: get a fresh Debian Stretch VM, what do you need to install and what steps do you need to do in order to build? That’s the recipe…

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