How to store SMS so they are "hidden" from Work Profile?


So we have an app here called OpenContacts, which stores contacts in a different database, which allows for apps (even in main profile) not to have access to them. As an example, Whatsapp and Telegram are unable to use them to access the person’s contact.
However, SMS are a different thing in Android, even apps installed in the “separated” work profile have access to them. Is there a similar app for SMS?
Thanks for any help!

Well, after reading this: What is an Android Work Profile? - Android Enterprise Help

It seems like in Android 11 the work profile can no longer access the SMS of the regular profile (unlike in previous versions where SMS were universal for the entire Android system). So, there seems to be no need for this anymore! I am running, or rather will be, running DivestOS version 11. So seems it’s taken care of :slight_smile:

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That is a lengthy procesa. A better approach is use an app which allows for private sms database. Example: Connect You | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository aka Connect You. Try that instead.