How to stage more than one change to website on Gitlab

I can only seem to stage one branch at a time, the latest branch pushed.

I have a few visual/functional changes to the F-Droid website that I’d like to stage on Gitlab concurrently. Does anyone know if there’s a way to stage more than one branch at a time?

Ideally I’d have a minimum of two extra staging sites (so three altogether):

  1. Landing page revamp (this will help people to test the new Landing page as I’m making it for more immediate feedback from Contributors)
  2. Internal pages improvements (as above)

The only way to do this that I can think of is to setup multiple Gitlab accounts, but this is a really hacky, nasty and confusing way to do it and I’d rather not.

Any help would be great thanks.

What do you mean by “stage”? I doubt I understood your question. The generic workflow is:

  1. Create a branch.
  2. Add some commits.
  3. Push the branch to the server.
  4. Create a merge request via the web interface.

After that you should be able to create another branch (with a different name of course) and make another MR, etc.

Hi relan,

A staged website build like this one.

You can create groups and fork the website repo into those groups to use different subdomains:

Thank you, @relan x (1M)

Wow Gitlab made it a bit unintuitive to find for a newb (and to setup). They should be called ‘Sets’, not ‘Groups’ groups has other connotations on the internet. I may have clicked on it if it was labelled ‘Sets’.

My first instinct was to create a unique 'Group’ing for every staging feature so:

  • ‘fdroid-website_no-apps-should-appear-in-both-lists’
  • ‘fdroid-website_unique-name-of-change’
  • ‘fdroid-website_another-unique-name-of-change’, etc.

…but that might be annoying to have to setup for each Merge Request (unless the API has a way to do it over the command line).

So I’ve gone with opening numbered ‘staging’ groups:

this way I only need to change one number on the command line, and can reuse them after merges.

Thanks again!

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