How to share contacts between apps?


How do you allow apps to read contact infos ?
For instance, I use QKSMS for text messages.
I use Simple Contacts and Simple Dialer to make phone calls.

But I can’t see who is sending me a text message. I only see the phone number.

This is quite annoying…

I don’t understand, something must have changed because this situation appeared recently.
Before, I could choose wether my contacts were “invisible from other apps (hidden)” or “public”.
What did I miss ?

I think this problem occured while I was “resetting” my contacts (I deleted all and then wanted to add my clean contact list by importing a vcf file).
A few days ago, I had the choice. Now I don’t have it anymore…

I use Android 6.0.1 on a phone I couldn’t root.
I started with Simple Contacts (and have version 6.15.1 installed)
I also use Simple Dialer (5.8.0)
And I use QKSMS (3.9.4)

I decided to try OpenContacts (23.0) but I couldn’t manage to share the contacts neither.
I also tried Emerald Dialer (1.0.13) but it’s not better…

I’ve been searching for hours and I am desperate. Please, help me :sob:

Does QKSMS have access to Contacts under its app permissions?

I forgot to let you know about the solution I found:
I re-activated the native contact application and then created a fake contact in this app.
Afterwards, I tried to create a contact under Simple Contacts.
I could then choose whether I wanted it to stay hidden or if I wanted to allow other apps to fetch this entry.
I finally de-activated again the native app and it works fine for me now…

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