How to save a note in Markor [SOLVED]

Previously when I was writing or modifying a note in Markor (a great app, which is getting better and better, by the way) it was automatically saved. Now the app have changed and I can’t keep the notes I create. I’ve tried everything and I can’t find any manual. Can you help me?

Creating a note then clicking the ‘eye’ (top right) does not save it for you?

Ask the developer:

No. It doesn’t save it.

@gsantner ^ might want to take a look at this

I uninstalled the app. Then I tried to reinstall it from F-Droid and it told me that it doesn’t find the apk in the repository.

Which version?

1.2.0 (34) installs fine for me

I manually updated F-Droid and the apps (I don’t know why I wasn’t updated, I had automatic updates). Then I was able to reinstall markor, I put my notes already created and… All right, save my notes!

Actually I had a problem with saving/updating notes in Markor myself as well. The UI doesn’t give feedback when a note is saved.

Markor didn’t save note?

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