How to reduce vertical space between list items in HTML app description?

I noticed the descriptions documentation said that it supports common HTML tags including li tags, but on my phone I think this results in too much vertical space between the items.

While browsing the store, I noticed that the Movim full_description has managed to use a list style that begins with * and doesn’t have excessive vertical height. Could anyone help me understand how they accomplish that style? Can this be done with HTML tags, or through something else?

But with our HTML tags ours is rendering like this:

The HTML of our full_description.txt file looks like this:

    Podverse is a feature-rich, cross-platform podcast manager for Android, iOS and web.

<b>Free features:</b>
    <li>Subscribe to podcasts</li>
    <li>Auto-download episodes</li>
    <li>Drag-and-drop queue</li>
    <li>Sleep timer</li>
    <li>Light / Dark mode</li>

<b>Premium features:</b>
    <li>Create and share podcast clips</li>
    <li>Switch devices and play from where you left off</li>
    <li>Sync your subscriptions across devices</li>
    <li>Sync your queue across devices</li>
    <li>Create and share playlists</li>
    <li>Subscribe to playlists</li>
    <li>Create and share a profile</li>
    <li>Subscribe to profiles</li>

I think those are just lines starting with *. I’ve also noticed the extra white space when including html tags in the description (<p>, <li>, etc), and so stopped using them.

I think there are tricks that may work, like using the unicode for the bullet • (&#8226;) symbol instead of an actual <li>, but I’m not really sure whats supported. IMHO less formatting looks better.

BTW a look at their fastlane confirms it (no html).

Ok great, thanks a lot! I was looking in the wrong place for their fastlane earlier. I’ll update ours to use line breaks and a * symbol instead of HTML tags since that seems to work.

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