How to open specific app page on F-Droid app from other app


From within my app, I would like to open F-droid on the page of a specific app.
If F-droid is not installed, I would like to open the browser on the page of the app.

For the 2nd part I do this:

Intent browserIntent = new Intent(

Is there a sample somewhere that would

  • check if f-droid is installed
  • open f-droid app at a specific app page.

BTW: opening the webpage doesn’t open f-droid in my case


I guess that should be the way, by using internet urls. The app (F-Droid) has to be registered imho to open some or all urls. Maybe there is one app (browser?) the default app that catches all urls. Then the default has to be removed. I am not experienced enough to be sure and explain it in detail. See android preferences → apps → f-droid and apps → default apps → Open Links (translated from german)

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Android lets me choose the app to open the URL, but F-Droid is not in the list. There are only browsers in the list.

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