How to make a face mask if none in ur country (not medical advice)

Not medical advice. This method doesn’t include a metal nose piece to squeeze over your nose, but you could argueably include this if you have thin strips of metal.

We don’t have facemasks in Australia.

Today I made two facemasks from paper towels, one mask for Day n, the other for Day n+1 (if needed) while the Day n mask is getting UV sunlight. You could make a new one for each day you go out, they only take 7 minutes to make and you can reuse the elastic.

Uses sticky tape and string-like elastic. You don’t need much elastic, only enough to loop around each ear.

You need to make a couple overlapping folds horizontally in the paper towel so the middle of the mask expands to cover your face and nothing can get in from the sides. Use sticky tape on the edges for durability and to poke a small hole in the sticky tape (corners) to feed the elastic through, then do a granny knot to stop the elastic slipping out. If anyone wants a more detailed set of instructions I’ll whip em up for you.

(The paper towels have gotten thinner in Australia lately so I decided to make the mask out of two paper towels.)

I personally wear swimming goggles when going into shops where I will be blasted with air-conditioning. Maybe this is overkill, but I’d rather be safe than risk passing on something to a loved one.

Again none of this is medical advice and still be very careful, especially if you don’t have something to peg over the nose area.

Stay well fellow software-freedom lovers.

Yes, sometimes medical advices are not working. A few weeks afo had Soberlink problems s I could not even understand how to use their medical equipment

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