How to install NDK for AIDE?

I hope you all don’t mind me posting this here, I know AIDE is not exactly an f-droid topic but it kinda is as related to developing Android software.
Does anyone know how to install the NDK for AIDE?
Everytime I try to download it, it initiates two downloads, one is a small “helper” app the other is the actual NDK.
I have found both the helper app and the NDK have the same package name.
The helper app downloads into the regular download folder the NDK downloads to that internal downloads folder that can only be accessed via the built in Downloads App and is not accessable to file manager.
So I install the helper app, when I run it, it says the resource could not be found. When I click on the NDK file in the internal download folder it says file does not exist!!

Does anyone know how to fix this or install the NDK manually?
I really would appreciate help with this.

I certainly do not want to use Android Studio not least because my Windows computer does not meet the heavy resources spec required.
I do not understand why Google would make an IDE for Android that does not even run on Android and therefore require an emulator and multi Gigabytes of RAM when the the App Four guys can do the equivalent AIDE that you can create, compile and run the code right there on an Android device, even on even a cellphone!!
It makes no sense.

No one knows anything about this?

Hi, I don’t use AIDE but found this tutorial.
Please check.

I read that it just says the ndk will install but the problem is it doesnt do that I read comments about it ongoogle play that said ithe same.
when you downoad it, it downoads a small installer app first that appears to have the same package name as the ndk file so maybe that stops it installing? The ndk doesnt appear to be hosted in the repository the installer app downloads it from another location i dont know if that ndk file could even be corrupt…
They say it is a mobile version of the ndk, so I dont know where they got it from, it is hard to believe they actualy developed an entire Android ndk themselves. But i cant find any mention of a mobile ndk for Android development anywhere else.

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