How to improve performance of Fennec F-droid?

There’s a blogpost about “Consistent fonts in Firefox”
Here → Consistent fonts in Firefox | Paperless

With Waterfox desktop browser there’s a UI setting…
“Allow pages to use their own fonts, instead of your own selections above.”
I can un-check this box.

With Fennec F-droid there’s no UI setting.

Change it from 1 to 0


The browser.display.use_document_fonts setting does not stick.
For me, it resets to 1 each time after “Quit”.
So I’ve added a line to uBlock Origin.
The instruction is here —>

I’ve started using Fennec F-droid more because Bromite seems to be abandonware.

I’d like to know some about:config settings to improve Fennec F-droid performance on my low-spec phone.
Lots of old stuff on the web, but probably not relevant for modern versions of Fennec F-droid.

Any ideas?

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This is a browser owned by an advertising company System1, please consider switching to Librewolf (maintained by community) or Mullvad Browser (maintained by Tor Project) instead.

as for the performance question, try the changes here (largely setting up uBlock Origin): Browsers - DivestOS Mobile

You can go the extra step of setting uBlock Origin to block JavaScript by default from its main settings page, then enable it per site where necessary.


GPU render , webgl, webrender enable , proc count to 4-6 (2 is deff)

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