How to handle self-promotion which is tangentially related to F-Droid/free Android?

Related to this post, there came up a discussion:

This topic is intended to publicly talk about this question.


@NicoAlt Disguised ads, please close this topic.

Uhm… not sure if I just did the right thing to start a discussion about the moderation of this topic.

@anon99929151 @NicoAlt I’m not quite sure what to do about this.

I agree with @hotlittlewhitedog that this is disguised advertising. It’s not blatant spam though, I mean it could actually be relevant if it weren’t for the fact that there is no mention of f-droid on the kickstarter page. But then again this might be just a technical detail for now that is not yet announced?

I guess we don’t really have a policy for such self-promotion things which are tangentially related to F-Droid/free android yet, right?


I didn’t really see it as spam either. I even reposted it to the Fairphone forum (where I think it’s more relevant as it is a modular smartphone) and a discussion started about it (mostly not too positive):

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Ah, yeah, that’s difficult to decide. To be honest, I would not have it removed from the forum but either talked publicly about this question:

As you already have noticed, I like to be transparent about things. Therefore I feel better if we would republish this topic and make our reactions public in a separate topic, talking about the questions mentioned above. I can do this, if @Bubu and @anon99929151 agree.

It’s one option and it’s OK now, but I would have done it by starting a private topic with all moderators and @hotlittlewhitedog, linking to this topic and hiding it while being in discussion. If we decide to go the way described by me, I can restore everything without problems. So everything’s fine.

That’s what I thought about, too. Letting it be on the forum, but starting a discussion about all these things with “open hardware” and “binary blobs”.


Fully agreed! Please do as described :slight_smile:

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There is also the option of whispering among moderators (posts hidden to non-moderators), but that seems to be disabled here.
That’s what we usually do in the FP forum in similar cases: (Optionally) hide the topic, whisper about it until we made a decision and then if necessary publicly post the decision and unhide the topic.

Though in this case, where it’s about not having a pollicy for something I agree that it should be a fully public discussion.

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Thanks for the consideration shown to this post, everyone! Spamming isn’t my intention. Getting the word out to people is.

Due to some strange technical problems with my internet connection, I am ending up typing this on my smartphone. I will respond on the topic thread.


I think first and foremost, free software is about ethics and preserving freedom. I think some people think that free software means non-commercial, which I believe is a mistake. We all need money to survive, and if people can make a living creating ethical software and hardware, then we will have more of it, and less proprietary stuff. For example, quite a few F-Droid contributors have been paid to work on F-Droid.

Posts related to commercial activity do need to fit into the ethical standards of free software and the F-Droid community.

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I should add, I do also think that the amounts of money are important. Posts that are self-promoting that are aiming to make sustainable projects are quite a separate thing from self-promotion that is focused on making people weathly.

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