How to get the verification server to build recent versions

I recently made WallETH build reproducibly - now I want to see if that also works with the f-droid verification - but the verification server builds only an old version of the app. But did so recently. Is there a way to trigger it building the recent version?

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Very cool, thanks for doing reproducible builds. :slight_smile: I’ve pinned org.walleth on Should be included in the daily run tomorrow.

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Thanks so much for this. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem - WallETH has bee touched by the verification server - but unfortunately again old versions which have verification problems.

Oh sorry to hear that. I did a manual git pull of fdroiddata now. I hope that resolves it, at least temporarily.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to the result.
Btw. Did you notice any reproducibility problems with build-plugin 3.4.1? I got the following there:

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