How to get root without a computer

Is it possible to idiegti root without the help of a computer with the help of termux I try but do not catch

No, not really… it also means you need to reset to factory settings and lose all data.

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Assuming the device is already unlocked and a recovery is in place, a good ole flashing of Magisk could work. The LOS style recovery even recognizes external storage (microSD or flash drive) making local flashing possible.

It’s also possible to do phone-to-phone adb/fastboot action which I’ve done a number of times. Of course one of them has to be rooted with adb/fastboot.

But otherwise, yeah, full loss of data if not unlocked.


Oh, do note that the flashing method is considered deprecated.
If you do go that route, copy the Magisk apk so it has an extension of .zip.
Take precautions (backups) regardless.

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