How to download newest fdroid.apk for second user?

On my new “Galaxy Tab A (2019)” with Android 9 I have downloaded and installed F-Droid, which almost immediately started an update.
With that I installed several apps DAVx5, NextCloud, andOTP, … I did not start and confgure them yet.
I have no Google account and no Samsung account.

Then I created a second, unrestricted user for my wife, to be able to install the same apps.
But as soon as I switch to that user and try to download and install F-Droid, the installation fails.

To my understanding, both apk versions have to be the same to work with multi-users.

So pleased tell me: where can I download the newest or an exact version. How do I determine the exact version or find the updated apk of my main account?

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Update main account to 1.7.1

Then download 1.7.1 with a browser: and install in the secondary account
( APK link from here of course: )

Thanks a lot!!
I was not aware of FDroid being itself in the apps section. It worked :slight_smile: Now I have both on 1.7 and could install all needed apps.
Tomorrow I will see what happens if I upgrade the main accont to 1.7.1…

I often get apk file from these website: apkpure, apkmirror, apknite… They show us the exactly number of version

The F-Droid website shows that too, of course

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