How to downgrade an app with F-Droid Store

The title says it all. I had a recurring Problem with an app (wifi analyser) which stoped working for me. Now i could sit and wait until it gets fixed once more but since I am a bit advanced user I would like to downgrade the app. That means, use an older version. Now I have googled this and I have found some rather complicated instructions beginning with “you have to root your device”.

It would be must nicer if the F-Droid client would offer such a choice. Maybe it has it ?? but then I have not found it yet and I would very much appreciate some help on how to do that ! : )

This would be a bonus because I do not need to look and download an APK file from a source which I do not know if i can trust. There are mirrors online …

Search for the app, tap on it and scroll to the bottom - there you’ll find a list of all available versions.

I had no idea it was so easy =D , thank you @anon99929151


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