How to copy contacts from android to 17.1 help please

Can someone give me some pointers please. Thanks

Go to your contact app and search for an export option, export to .vcf or similar, then import the file to the other contacts app in the new OS.

Probably there’s an option to copy them via bluetooth, if you meant between two phones.

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Can you give some details please. Thanks


Open your contacts app -> Settings -> Export -> Export .vcf file / .csv file to internal storage.
Copy the file in the new OS / phone, then open contacts app -> Settings -> Import -> Import from file, done.
Another path can be Settings -> Manage contacts -> Import / Export

The exported file is not encrypted, it is plain text, it is recommended to delete it later.

Thank you for your replies. I managed to save contacts to .cvs file on my android motorola g7 but now not sure where to find the file. It is not in the file folder. Also how do I then transfer that file to my new phone? Thanks

Use a file manager?

I managed forgot to select all contacts on the list. Thanks again for the support

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