How to chose a mobile working well with F-Droid

I’d like to ask if you know, how to chose a mobile, which works well with F-Droid and user is not forced to start using Google services? Do you know any database/website?

For example my wife has bought Poco X3 and there is no possibility to save contacts on phone memory. I mean they are kept on the storage, but you can only assign them to a Google account or SIM card. No way to assign them just to phone memory. It looks like a deep integration with Google, which I’d like to avoid while choosing my phone.

BTW can you suggest a safe keyboard I could replace SWIFT key?

Thanks, Adam

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MIUI is hell, end. You can wait for an official LineageOS to come, I think there will be. Or flash an unofficial one and pray that the XDA guy doesn’t screw you over.

  • Unlocked phones are not recommended for banking.
  • The camera in other rom than stock usually gets worse, people that don’t mind that much about closed source usually install a GCam port.

You can save “secret” contacts wih Simple Contacts Pro
Anysoftkeyboard and Openboard are good alternatives. (Don’t mind “luxemburgish” for anysoftkeyboard, is a little bug, is just the English keyboard.)

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Great, thank you for comprehensive answer!
I think she will stay with hell, however I’ll wait for LineageOS.

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