How to access the Deep web safely

Hi everyone

I would like to surf the deep web, but I am having some difficulty with onion links and/ot tor set up.
Many "guides’ advice to switch off “Java Script”, but then the pages doesn’t load.
I have a paid VPN, stopped all Google permissions, limited permissions for essential such as calls, messaging and internet surfing.

Obviously, I’m trying to do it as much anonymously as possible, just want to learn how to be sure I am anonymous and impossible to track.

I’ve been exploring many official and unofficial forums and sites, but there are so many different information.
Need some link for reliable info, or links of people willing to share their IT/Hacking skills and knowledge.

Thank you in advance for your help

You have already accessed the deep web. The term “deep web” refers to parts of the internet which aren’t accessible by a link, eg: an online account. No matter what URL you use, you can’t access the page. I think you are referring to the dark web.

Switching off JavaScript is preferred, but JS is the programming language of the internet, thus if you switch it off some buttons, menus, and other components won’t work.

May I ask which VPN you are using?

First u should stop to use Tor on Ur mobile. Cellphones are Not made to be anonymous… Really dont understand why people uses the Web mostly on mobile phones.


I read good reviews. Perhaps, NordVPN was better?

Bacause you can access from everywhere

:thinking: law enforcement, interesting.

Then I’ll buy a pixel or a nexus, I do not call anyone except my parents so I can keep using this shity WIKO
I love my “low profile” lifestyle, that’s why I would like to keep it as private (anonymous) as possible, more than now, considering we are going towards a potential dictatorship.

So, what I want to access is the deep web or dark web?
For instance, I was looking for cyber forums, journalist/intel websites, learning platforms and chats.
The onion links doesn’t work without java, and isn’t recommended to switch it off. How can I access these links?

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity” may be interesting reading, but not light. Sorry it uses m1cro-soft’s github. Don’t forget your towel. “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play” :laughing:

What I was looking for

Thank you so much

Try to Show some Bad reviews about Nordvpn, u wont find any, because They pay for their reviews.
If u wanna Lose Ur data u can use Nordvpn… They got got hacked many Times in the past…
Cyberghost saves all Ur connections and is working with goverment agencys. U can read IT in the conditions.

Nordvpn, Cyberghost are only useable for streamingservices, If They have a geolock, but u wont be anonymous

If u use mobiles u are never anonymous… Doesnt depends on Low Profile or high Performance. U are always traceable through triangulation, over wirelessscans, and many more methods.


Part of the package of using technology is sacrificing some of your privacy depends on how much you want to.

Thats Not true… IT is possible to use technology on a privacy firendly way… Goverments and industry will take more and more privacy because of people who says “hey its ok for me because i can use some Apps for free”.

Sry for my Bad english but i dont wanna use a translator because i wanna try IT my self

I see. Thanks

What it would be the best device, tablet or PC (i.e. Netbook)?

I see, once again thank you

Your English is absolutely understandable, don’t need any translator

Very good Bro, thank you

Thanks buddy

You may believe the free apps abuse your privacy. Time to wake up paid apps collect too and you pay for them to. You give up your privacy when you get a smart phone and that’s a the painful truth. First a sim card then the list goes on and on.

Actually, I believe the free app are more safe.

What can be then an alternative to be safe, what device do you recommend?

If you’re particularly serious about privacy while using a mobile device you probably want to get a cheap throw away pre-paid phone and then buy a new one periodically. That’s what Jason Bourne does anyway :grin: