How does F-Droid suggest a version of an application?

After a long time, K-9 mail application maintainer has released a newer version on F-Droid but newest version aren’t suggested neither by F-Droid client nor website. So my question is that, how does F-Droid suggestion a version of an application?

Fig 1: Neither v5.708 nor v5.707 suggested by FDroid.

Is it because those newer releases aren’t stable like version v5.600?

The recommended version is specified in the metadata file, see CurrentVersion and CurrentVersionCode in

Is it because those newer releases aren’t stable like version v5.600?

Yep. F-Droid generally recommends stable versions.

I looks like K-9 Mail uses the traditional version numbering (used by many other projects like gnome and gimp) where the odd numbers are pre-releases (most recently 5.3, 5.5 and now 5.7) and the even numbers are stable releases (most recently 5.4 and 5.6).

I expect that the next stable release to be version 5.8.


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But nobody knows, there will be how many pre-releases before a next stable release; anyways that’s what software is supposed be.

It’s not marked stable for a good reason. I’m on the “uneven branch”, so I see the difference: while the app is quite stable, it’s not yet feature-complete. There’s a full UI overhaul in progress to make the app look more modern. Looks good already, but you e.g. cannot (yet) mark multiple messages (like in 5.6* you can swipe a bunch, and then delete the entire batch).

So unless you’re too eager for the new looks, better wait for the stable one. I mostly use K-9 for a quick lookup on mobile, so I can live with some missing features (but that marking is one I really miss).

@relan, while it’s defined in the location mentioned, where/how is f-droid getting the information that a particular release is “suggested” from the relevant repo or is setting of CurrentVersion and CurrentVersionCode a manual process?

@flossie, CurrenVersion and CurrentVersionCode are updated automatically (to the latest version) if AutoUpdateMode is enabled. Otherwise it’s a manual process.

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