How does an add of a new app process work?

Hi everybody. Yesterday I made a merge request for my app and it’s accepted by krt but I still don’t see it on anywhere. Is there something I missed. Here is the link of merge request:

Please let me know if there’s something else needed to be done.

Thanks and have a good day.

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Just have a little patience :slight_smile: The buildserver pulls in new/updated
metadata about once a day and starts working on them (and on all apps
having an update check set). Depending on the workload, building
itself might take some time. After that, a manual step is envolved to
sign and publish the apps.

In your case, the build seems to have succeded and is only waiting for
Ciaran to release the next bunch of apps. Cannot say for sure when
this will happen. Anyway, here is the build log:

Oh thank you for your kind reply :slight_smile: Another thing is I will be releasing updates on github releases channel is there a chance to automate it? and after reading terms of conditions i found out self update (check for updates function in the app) might be a little problem. Is it true? Thank you again :slight_smile:

We can ebale autoamtic updates on our side, but there need to be
certain requirements fullfilled:

  1. We expect the tag to be the same as the version name

  2. We expect the versioncode to be raised on each tag (or before)

  3. Don’t generate version/versioncode at buildtime, e.g. don’t have a
    gradle function calucalte it – we just scrape the build files and
    don’t run gradle on update checks

  4. As explained above, we some times miss updates since there still
    are manual steps involved.

And since you mention you have an update check in your app: If you
publish to play, this will vioalte their TOS and thus get your app
removed. You get a “second chance” to reupload, but you have to
change the package id. If this happens, you essentially screwed
existing users, because you cannot upgrade from one package id to
another – just like you cannot upgrade from one signing key to
the another. In that case it would be nice to have specific
fdroid flavor that continues using the old package id.

FYI: E.g. look at your build.gradle from the latest tag, which still
says version beta.4 – we wouldnt be able to detect this with auto

Thanks for the warning :slight_smile: And yes build.gradle wasn’t updated before the update was released but I thought what matter is the commit specified in meta file.